The High Lonesome


    The High Lonesome was an up and coming Alt-Country band that played and recorded during the mid-to-late nineties and was made up of five close friends. 

    To celebrate the release of “The High Lonesome Collector’s Album,” which includes the re-mastered album “Feel Free To Do So,” the guys have put up this website to give their fans an update on where they are now as well as providing a place where you can explore all things High Lonesome.

    We hope you have fun exploring our history here, and that we bring back some memories of fun times for you. Putting this site together has certainly done that for us.


                        -Gig, Jeb, Jon, Dex and Phil


Jeb Brown
Gary Grantham
Jon Lindstrom
Larry Poindexter
Phil Ward
Doug Stanny
Mark Magdich
wade Pistole

The return of the high lonesome